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Three Amazing Jackpot Games

The expression to ‘hit the jackpot’ has come to mean achieving your greatest wish, but in a very real sense hitting the jackpot is a possibility when you play online slot games. Indeed, there are a lot of wishes that could be fulfilled with a big onl jackpot win. Millions of euros could be yours at the spin of the reels, meaning that the big jackpot games tend to attract a lot of devoted players.

These games come in all shapes and sizes, and a ‘jackpot’ can be used to refer to a prize of a few euros, or one which could be used to buy you a small island. In this article we are going to introduce you to three of the biggest and best online slot jackpots around, so that you can try to spin your way to riches yourself!

First off, let’s talk about what makes a progressive jackpot game different to a regular slot game. If you are playing a normal slot, then the top prize will be awarded when you reveal a set number of symbols, and this top jackpot prize will always be for the same amount. Progressive jackpot games are a little different.

These games take a percentage of every single bet and add it to the jackpot prize. This could be based on one individual game, or the same game but combined across many different casinos, or by a series of linked games like the famous Age of the Gods games from Playtech. The way that these progressive jackpots are formed means that on the bigger games they can rise and rise into potentially life-changing amounts. Still interested in finding out more? Here are our top three progressive jackpot slot games: 

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Mega Moola Progressive Slot Machine

It would be difficult to make a list like this without including the big daddy of online slot games: Mega Moolah. This game may not look anything special at first glance, featuring pretty basic illustrations to go with its animal safari theme. However, this game is all about those jackpots. There are four levels of jackpot on offer, the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. These start at minimum levels of €10, €100, €10,000 and €1 million and keep on increasing from there.

Any of the jackpot games can be triggered randomly after any spin – whether it’s a winning one or not – although you are more likely to get a shot at the big prizes if you are playing with max bets. This game is the current record-holder for the biggest online slot jackpot pay-out, with a staggering €17,879,645 having been awarded to a lucky young Englishman back in 2015. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot though, this low volatility game keeps interest levels high with lots of smaller regular wins.  

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

Another ‘mega’ jackpot slot game, this time from Microgaming’s arch-rivals Net Entertainment. This slot was responsible for the second biggest online jackpot win of all time, with its payout of €17,861,800 to a Finnish player just falling short of the Mega Moolah record. The Mega Fortune jackpot was won from a 25 cent bet, however, making this game more popular with low stakes players.

The game itself is all about wealth and luxury, featuring images of jewellery, limos, champagne and expensive jewellery on the reels. There are three different jackpot levels to play for – Rapid, Major and Mega – with millions potentially on offer from the top jackpot prize.

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Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot

Another game from Net Entertainment, Hall of the Gods takes Norse legends as its theme. This is another slot where you could potentially win millions on a random spin of the reels. The three levels of jackpot range from the lowest Mini Jackpot to Midi and then Mega Jackpots.

The reels feature images of the ancient Norse gods like Thor and Odin, and any spin of the reels could be the one to unlock a jackpot game. How much you can win from the jackpot games is related to the amount you are betting, so max bettors will improve their chances of releasing the jackpot games.

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 All three of our chosen progressive jackpot games have their fans, and all of them offer an intense gaming experience. When you know that every spin of the reels could be the one to unlock a life-changing sum of money, it makes the game a whole lot more exciting.

These games are so popular that you will be able to find them at most casinos which offer titles from either Microgaming or NetEnt, so it won’t take you long to track them down. Now you just need to enjoy that piece of luck which allows you to hit the jackpot for real.