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Learn About Slot Machine Multiplier Symbols

If you have already embarked on the online casino quest, then you have probably already encountered the multiplier symbols. They are called multipliers because they multiply an amount by a certain number. Your wins can thus be multiplied by everything from X2 and up to X1000. This is a great opportunity to win some extra coins. Often you will see that the symbol is designed with an “X” on it to make it clear. You can, however, encounter slot machines where this is not made quite clear.
In this article, we will look at the multiplier symbols, you may encounter when playing online slot machines. When you have finished reading, you should have a good idea of how all the different symbols work.

Multipliers in the main game
For the most part, you will find that multiplier symbols belong to bonus games and other levels than the main game. However, you may well find that they show up, even on the first level.
In the main game, the paylines of the slot machine are typically multiplied. In each online slot, there are series of paylines, that you can see in the game. Each time you land symbols on a full payline, multiply the number of coins you win. It can be very different how many times it multiplies.


Wild multipliers
The wild symbols are surely some you have encountered. They are in all the best slot machines. A Wild symbol replaces all other symbols to make your chances bigger at a winning combination.
Lately, game developers have begun to combine the Wild symbols with the Multiplier symbols. Therefore, you can win on a betline with 5 symbols, even if you only have 4 of them and the fifth is a Wild symbol.

Free spin and bonus multipliers
As the name has probably revealed, these multiplier symbols are found under free spins and other bonus levels. This is also where you have an even greater chance of winning some crazy winnings with multipliers.

For the sake of entertainment, it is very different how the different slot machines do this. Some slot machines have several different multiplier symbols, which means the game has several levels. On some slot machines, you have the opportunity to win a number of free spins.
You must be aware, that here it’s usually the case that, the more free spins you win, the less the multiplier. For example, you may win 20 free spins and your multiplier may only be around X5. Whereas, if you win 5 free spins, the multiplier can be around 20.

Max money

Bet or win multipliers
This type of multiplier also works a little differently than the normal multiplier symbols that you can find in the main game. Some of the bet and win multiplier symbols increase the payline involved, while others increase the bet.  It is clearly an advantage to know the difference between the two.

Multipliers that increase paylines can be a huge advantage for you, as they increase your efforts, instead of increasing the actual gain you win. It may not sound like much, but it can be quite important. Thus, it can generally have a major impact on your game and winnings, which multiplier symbol the game has.

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