Can You Make Money with Esports Betting?

For hundreds of years, not much changed in the world of sports betting. You picked your horse, or your fighter, or your team and sat back to watch the event play out in the hope that your choice would emerge victoriously. That remained the same whether it was bets taken at a race-track or from the local bookmaker’s shop.

However, the emergence of the internet in the mid to late 1990 has changed everything. Sports betting has evolved to the point where it is barely recognizable from what came before. The internet has changed the world of sports betting in ways that could never have been imagined.

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More Sports Betting Options

The main impact of the internet on sports betting is the way that it has vastly increased the options for bettors. Instead of having a limited range of sporting events to choose from, now sports betting is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What’s more, you can bet on your smart-phones, so location is no impediment to placing a bet.

Punters can watch live streams of events as they take place, and in-play bets are a phenomenon that will be around for a long time. And apart from enabling all the different ways to bet on traditional sports, the internet has also seen the evolution of a completely new branch of sports, namely, esports.

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The Rise and Rise of Esports

Esports is the world of competitive video gaming. Video game competitions are not a new thing in and of themselves. The very first recorded organized video gaming competition took place all the way back in 1972, when Stanford students competed to achieve the best scores on the Spacewars game.

In 1980 the first major Space Invaders tournament was held, with over 10,000 entrants taking part. The arrival of the internet allowed for better quality video games as well as online competitive gaming.

Around 2000 esports were becoming bigger with prize money getting larger at the same time. Today the annual prize money given out is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with games like League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota proving the most popular with competitors.

The Newest Sports Betting Craze

As a sign that esports has become a recognized international sport, there are talks about introducing events as demonstration sports in the 2024 Paris Olympics. And as the sport has grown, so too has the market for betting on esports. Once a very niche field, now every major bookmaker will have a section dedicated to esports betting. While there are sites dedicated solely to esports betting – like and Arcane Bet – even traditional bookies like William Hill and 888 are getting in on the act.

If you are knowledgeable about the sport and follow it religiously then you have a real shot at making some good money from betting. Hopefully, your in-depth knowledge will allow you to take advantage of sport betting sites which are still coming to terms with these new events.


Different Esports Bets

When it comes to esports betting there are usually a few different bet types which are available. The most straightforward of these is simply picking a winner – either of an individual match or an entire competition.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allows bets to be placed on the winners of each map within a game. The same game also allows bets on the first kill to be made, although this can be a difficult one to predict with any degree of accuracy. Another risky bet is the Odds/Even option available at some sports bookmakers.

Here you try to predict whether there will be an odd or even number of games won, players killed and so on – again this is a bet that is too unpredictable to be reliable. Over/Under bets will be familiar to fans of traditional sports, and in esports, you are trying to predict whether a score will be over or under a given amount.


Advanced Esports Betting

There are further esports bets which are similar to those on offer from traditional sports betting options. For example, live in-play betting doesn’t apply solely to sports like tennis and soccer. You can live stream events and make live bets based on how the games are progressing in an attempt to snag a profit.

Accumulator bets have long been a mainstay of traditional sports betting, and these work well for esports as well. Rather than predicting just one result, you are betting that a sequence of results will work in your favour so as to maximize your profits.

Another type of bet transplanted over from regular sports betting is handicapping. This means that you can place a bet based on one team being handicapped by a scoring disadvantage. If you feel that the team will win regardless, then you can score a higher profit.

Reduce the Element of Luck

In order to be a success at esports betting, there is no substitute for doing your research. This means having an in-depth knowledge of teams and individual players and watching hour upon hour of videos of different matches.

It is almost impossible to contemplate making regular profits from esports betting unless you have a love for the sport. The sheer quantity of hours of viewing required to reach an expert level will dissuade anyone who does not enjoy the games. Specialising in one particular game will enable you to log more hours of viewing and gain a better understanding of just how to accurately predict winners.

While the traders at sports betting sites may have to spread themselves thin across different esports, you can thrive by focusing on one game and gaining an expert level of knowledge which can be put to use when it comes to future bets.

Unfortunately, there is no easy short-cut to profit from esports betting. Like so many things in life, you will get out what you put in when it comes to making real money from esports.

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