Changes Are Coming To Online Casinos In 2019

Every year it seems that there are new developments in the world of online gambling. In the last few years alone, we have seen smartphones become the most important device that people use to bet online. There has also been the huge rise in popularity of live dealer games, as people have discovered the pleasures of live action casino gaming.

All of these factors will continue to be a feature of online casinos in 2019, but we expect to see growth in other areas too. A new year has well and truly dawned, and already casinos are trying to latch onto the next wave of popularity. While nobody can predict the future with 100% certainty, we certainly have some ideas about which way the wind is blowing.


One thing is as much a certainty as you can get in the world of online gambling. That is that casinos and online game developers will continue to focus on gamification of products. This is where games and betting sites embrace a ‘gaming rather than gambling’ approach. This means a revamp of site designs away from traditional sober blacks and reds, and the introduction of a more fun way of playing at online casinos.

This can manifest itself in the use of funny online ‘hosts’, an irreverent use of language on the site, or turning a rewards programme into more of an adventurous game. Of course, there are also the actual games themselves. We expect to see more skill-based games coming onto the market, where players can have an impact on the outcome. This type of game appeals more to the younger generation of potential online casino players, which is why it is a major focus for developers.


Virtuel Reality Casino gaming is the next big thing

As with all other aspects of life, technology will continue to play an important role in the development of online casinos. We have already mentioned the huge impact that smartphones had on the industry, as they became both more affordable and capable of doing more things. Another piece of tech predicted to have a major effect on the world of online casinos is virtual reality technology. As these headsets follow the same trajectory by becoming more widely available as well as more effective, the gambling industry will be quick to adopt them.

There are already online casinos out there which use VR tech, but this number looks set to grow even further in the future. Likewise, we all discovered augmented reality when Pokemon started appearing on the streets (via our mobile devices)! This is another form of tech which could easily be adapted for use in the online gambling industry in 2019.

Whatever the future holds, we can be certain that exciting times lie ahead for fans of online casinos. We look forward to discovering what fresh innovations the new year will bring.