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How Do No Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos Work?

One of the most popular forms of casino bonuses available online is the so-called no deposit bonus. As this name would suggest, this is a bonus offered without the need to make a deposit. Most casino bonus offers require a bonus to activate them. While these are also great for players, we all like the idea of getting something for nothing. In this article, we will discover more about no deposit bonus offers and how to claim them.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

Put simply, a no deposit bonus is a bonus given by an online casino without a player needing to make a deposit. Most bonuses advertised by casinos are deposit bonuses. This means that when a player deposits money to their online casino account, the casino will match a percentage of the deposited amount. This could range from as low as 5 or 10% of the deposit up to 200 or 300% the amount deposited. Most welcome bonuses for online casinos will offer this type of deposit bonus, which is why it is possible to see huge bonus offers of in excess of £1,000 from some casinos. These bonuses are real, but they do require large deposits in order to claim the maximum amounts.

A no deposit bonus is different. Some UK casinos will offer a bonus to their customers without requiring them to make any deposit. Often this will be as a reward for new players who register with an online casino. Once the player registers their details and has their account verified, they will be eligible to receive a free bonus. Funds will be credited to their account and they can use these bonus funds to play games on the site. Normally no deposit bonuses are smaller than deposit bonuses. These free bonuses are usually between £5 and £20, but as no deposit is required there is no risk on behalf of the player. They can use the bonus money to play at the online casino and hopefully make a profit. However, as with most bonus offers there are certain restrictions, including wagering requirements, before profits can be withdrawn.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

It is not possible to simply withdraw a no deposit bonus once it has been credited to the player’s account. If this were possible then casinos would lose a lot of money as players would simply take the free bonus cash and use it elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, players are required to bet a certain amount before bonus funds can be withdrawn from their accounts. This is called the wagering requirement and is usually measured as a multiple of the bonus award. For example, if a player receives a £10 no deposit bonus, there may be a wagering requirement of 40 times the bonus amount before any cash can be withdrawn. This would mean that the player would have to bet £400 on qualifying games before he or she could take out the bonus and any associated profits.

It is important to note that not every game is equal when it comes to completing wagering requirements. Normally the player must bet on slot games in order to lift the restrictions on withdrawals. If they play games like blackjack or roulette, either nothing will count towards meeting the wagering requirement or else a reduced amount will go towards the total. Commonly, roulette games will only count 10% towards meeting wagering requirements, compared to 100% of slot games. This means that if a player bets £15 on a slot game, £15 comes off the total wagering requirement. However, if he bet £15 on a game of roulette, only £1.50 would be knocked off the required total.

Always Check the Small Print

There are further things to look out for when accepting a no deposit bonus from an online casino. It is always worth checking the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus, just so that you know what you are getting into. One common restriction with no deposit bonuses is a limit on how much can be won from the bonus. The casinos don’t want players using free bonuses to hit the jackpot, so they will often put a cap on winnings using bonus funds. In our example of a £10 no deposit bonus, there may be a maximum cap of £100 in winnings. There are also usually time limits imposed on bonus awards. There is a certain period of time in which to claim the bonus, and then a further time period within which wagering requirements must be completed. A player may have 7 days from the award of the bonus to complete the wagering. If they fail to do this in time, the bonus and any winnings will be removed from their account.

Despite the warnings about checking the terms and conditions, receiving a no deposit bonus is always a good thing. Even if you lose all of the bonuses, you will still have had a chance to check out some of the games on the site. And of course, if you make a profit and complete the wagering requirements you will have earned money for nothing. Whether there is a cap on winnings or not, it is always nice to get one over on the casino. They say that the house always wins, but when it comes to no deposit bonuses this is not always the case! Although completing the wagering requirements can seem difficult, in fact, millions of players do it every year and are able to profit from no deposit bonuses. Check out the sites offering a no deposit bonus for signing up, and see if you can make a quick profit using the casino’s money!