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Want To Learn How To Play Online Slots?

Pay a visit to any online casino, and you will quickly notice that online slot games dominate the choice of available playing options. These are the bread and butter of the casino industry, for both online and offline casinos alike. With so many dazzling options in front of you, it can be somewhat intimidating for those people who are new to casino play.

With good reason: playing an online slot game when you don’t know what you are doing is a good way to lose money fast! In order to prevent that from happening, we are going to teach you all you need to know about how to play online slots.  

Although modern slot games come in all shapes and sizes, the core idea remains the same for them. majority of slots. Put in simple terms, you are trying to find matching symbols in order to win money. Slot games are really pretty simple when it comes down to it, so by the time you have finished reading this article, you will be ready to get playing.

But let’s take it back to basics and show you exactly what you need to be looking out for so that you don’t blow all of your cash.

Your first task will be to choose a slot game from all of the hundreds of options available at a standard online casino. For the sake of our example, let’s choose the popular Bloodsuckers 2 game (or you can pick the original if you prefer, they are both great games!) This features a ‘standard’ layout of 5 symbols across and 3 going down across the reels.

These reels will spin randomly once you hit the appropriate button, but there is something very important to check before doing that.  

Blood Suckers 2 1

Before you get spinning, check how much money it is going to cost you per spin. You will see this marked as ‘Bet’ in the Bloodsucker 2 game. The cost of a spin is calculated by multiplying the number of ‘pay-lines’ – that is, lines which will pay out a win if you have matching symbols on them – by the coin value.

So if you have a 25 line game like this one and choose 1c coin value, it will cost you 25c per spin. You can increase the coin value to a maximum of €1 on this game, meaning that a spin would cost €25. You can choose the maximum possible bet by clicking the ‘Max Bet’ button, just make sure you can afford it.

You will also see a ‘Level’ button, which is basically another way of increasing your stake. It’s the same idea as the coin value, except it allows you to customise your bet by offering some different value options. 

Once you have selected how much you want to pay per spin, you can either spin manually or choose the ‘Autoplay’ option. The latter will spin the reels automatically for a fixed number of spins that you choose, for example, 10, 25 or 100.

You are hoping that you will find matching symbols along one of the pay-lines, which you can check by clicking the information button. Here you will also find info on how much each symbol is worth, as some are more valuable (and also appear less frequently) than others.

Bloodsuckers 2

The real way to win at online slot games though is to uncover bonus symbols and win free spins. In the Bloodsucker 2 game if you find three Scatter symbols – which as the name suggests can be ‘scattered’ anywhere on the reels and don’t need to be in a line – you will earn ten free spins. This is your chance to hopefully make some big bucks as all wins are multiplied by 3 during the free spins.

This game has a second bonus game, revealed when you find three Bonus symbols in a line. You are taken to a new screen and choose coffins to reveal cash prizes while hoping to steer clear of the Demon which will bring the game to a close.  

 Of course, all games have their own different symbols and bonus rounds – that’s part of the fun of slot games! A lot of slots today use the ‘cluster pay’ system, where you try to find a selection of the same symbol clustered together and not necessarily in a line, but the general principle is the same.   

high variance game

One last tip, which may make the difference between your winning and losing. A quick Google search will reveal the RTP (Return to Player) of a slot game. Basically, this is the percentage of your cash that should be returned to you over time if you played long enough.

If you find a game with an RTP of 97% or higher (like Bloodsucker!) then it is probably going to be easier for you to. make money from it. This is especially useful when trying to complete the wagering requirements of a bonus. Just make sure that the slot game you choose is not excluded from making releasing the bonus.  

Now all you need to do is go to your online casino and start playing some of the best online slot games you can find. Remember, never bet with money you can’t afford – there is a reason why there’s no such thing as a professional slot game player.  Best of luck!