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Learn To Understand Words And Expressions From The Gambling World

Welcome to the betting and gaming world! Here you have invented a whole new language so you can play on football teams, play at the blackjack table or on an online slot machine, experience lots of excitement and have fun. For centuries, a very special language has been used in the world of games and gambling. Now the language has moved over to the online casino. How else can you describe the things that happen on the roulette? In fact, it is quite useful to know all the many words and phrases when playing at the online casino.

Common words and expressions 
At most online casinos, the concept of account balance is used for the amount you have available to play for. Your account balance shows how much you have deposited into your account and is constantly affected by how much you play and bet. Your account balance increases as you win a game and fall when you lose. Many online casinos often give you an extra bonus when you deposit money into your account.

Along with loyalty bonuses, it can often give your account balance a good boost in the right direction, but it is also often associated with a trading requirement. Turnover requirements are another term you often encounter. It describes how many times you have to play your bonus money through and it is also sometimes called the betting requirement. If you deposit $100 into your account and receive a corresponding bonus, then it is once the wagering requirement when you have played for $100. You can often see how far you have entered the wagering requirement under your personal account information. When there is money in the account, you can bet your chips on all the different games.

As with land-based casinos, chips are the coin used in the casino. You simply transfer a monetary value to the chips. When you play against the House, it means you are playing against the online casino you are at right now. Games like blackjack have a dealer or a croupier who has their own hand. It’s about beating the dealer’s hand to win in the different card games. The dealer is not necessarily a real person. In a standard blackjack game at an online casino, the dealer is controlled by a special software that automatically plays against you and gives the cards. However, if you play at the Live Dealer Casino, you play against a real person who controls the cards or spins the roulette wheel. They are in a physical casino somewhere in the world and get help from special streaming software to control the game.


Roulette – Special words and expressions.
Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Especially for the slightly older and more experienced players. Here it is worth noting that you usually have two different options: European Roulette and American Roulette. American roulette has, in addition to the traditional 36 numbers from 1 to 36, also a green zero and a green double-zero. It is therefore worth remembering that the house advantage is greater when you play on American roulette than when you choose to play on European roulette.

On European roulette, the wheel has the 36 numbers from 1 up to 36 and just a single green zero. Nevertheless, the green zero makes a big difference when looking at the so-called “outside bets”. Outside bets are the bets where you place your chips on one of the options that are not directly linked to a number. If you play on black / red, straight / odd, high / low, dozen or column then you bet on an outside bet. Conversely, “inside bets” when you put your chips directly on one of the numbers or on a combination of numbers. This includes a single number (single), split, street, corner, six-line, trio, basket or top line. A split is when you play on two numbers, a Corner is when you play on four numbers.

The payout depends on the type of “inside bet” or “outside bet” you do. Usually, you can see a payout form where you play online roulette or live dealer roulette. You can quickly find out that inside bets give much more in payout than outside bets. They are all finer bets, especially if you only play on a single number, and they therefore also give a full 1:35 payout.


Special words and expressions in blackjack
It is extremely important to pay attention to payouts or odds when playing at the casino. Especially at the table games. Blackjack is, under normal circumstances, quite a simple game where you get your money back (when you beat the dealer) or 3: 2 if you get blackjack. If you end up with the same result as the dealer, your chips will be pushed. The word “push” really means that you get your money back for that game. This means that when you play straight up with the dealer, your account balance remains the same.

Blackjack is not just the name of the popular game. It is also the name of the situation where either the player or the dealer has cards with a total value of 21. So it is an ace together with a king, lady, kid or 10’s. The term Hole Card is often used for dealers’ cards with the back facing up. You are not allowed to see the dealer’s hole card until you have played your own cards to the end, so more decisions must be made first. In blackjack, you are dealt two cards face up. Then you have more choices. The most common is to heat or stand. When you say “hit”, you ask for another card. You usually do so to get closer to a total value of 21. However, you must avoid busting, which is when you get a total value on your hand over 21. Sometimes it cannot be avoided, but this does not necessarily mean that you lost the game.

When you choose to stand in blackjack, it means that you do not want more cards and believe you have enough to beat the dealer. In addition, you can choose to make a Double Down, which means you double your bet in that round. You can do this for example if you have a hand with a value of 11. If you choose to make a double down, it means that you can only get one card more. If you have 11 on hand, choose double down and then get a 2’s, then you can’t get any further than 13. If you sit at the blackjack table and get two identical cards – for example, 5 & 5, king & king or 9 & 9 – then you can choose to make a split where you then play with two hands. When you make a split, you bet the same amount on your other hand as you originally did on the first. It, therefore, improves your chances of winning something extra. When you make a split, you play one hand at a time. You must first determine whether it can pay off by calculating the strength of your hand against the dealer’s hand.

Slot Machines

Slot machines – special words and expressions
In the slot machines world, there are lots of special expressions and words that are well worth knowing before embarking on the game. Really many players like to play on slot machines with a so-called progressive jackpot or growing jackpot. Here, the prize pool grows depending on how many people are playing on the machine around the world. Normally, you will be able to keep track of the jackpot growing while playing on the slot machine itself.

The slot machines have a different number of paylines. Winning lines are the number of different options or lines on which you can create a winning combination. You can find slot machines with anywhere between 5 and 500 paylines. The number of paylines also determines the size of your bet in each spin. Most online slot machines have a bonus feature or a bonus round that is triggered when you get a particular combination. Bonus features such as wilds, scatter symbols and free spins are a great way to get a little extra to play for. On many slot machines, there is also a so-called multiplier that increases your payout each time you win. Occasionally, there is a multiplier on the bonus feature, which means that you get up to ten times the regular win.

All slot machines have a payout percentage and the same goes for the other casino games. It depends on what kind of bets you place. It is always worth noting the payout percentage for a given game as it tells you how much the player wins under the normal slot in that slot. For example, a payout percentage of 95% means that a total of $95 is paid for every $100 played on the gaming machine. So it is an average and not a guarantee of profit. Once you have played for a while at the online casino, there are certainly other and new words and expressions that are well known. The advantage of the house is the small advantage the casino or dealer has in a given casino game. In all casino games online there is a small advantage to the house, but you have the opportunity to minimize the house advantage by choosing the right game.

There are also numerous other casino games like baccarat, craps and Sic Bo, but they are all a lot more intricate than roulette and blackjack. Fortunately, you can almost always find more information about these games on the casino’s website before you embark on the game itself.

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