Major Online Slot Jackpot Winners In 2017

Sometimes we can play a run of slot games, and it seems like luck is never going to go our way. Each of us has experienced one of those barren streaks, when the right symbols just don’t show up and we cannot hit a bonus round for love nor money. At times like this, it is tempting to wonder whether online slot games ever pay out big cash prizes. While you are in the middle of a mini-slump it may not seem like it, but in fact millions upon millions of euros are paid out by online slots every year. A case in point is Net Entertainment, one of the biggest and best online slot game providers in the world. They recently revealed their figures for the past year, revealing that they paid out an eye-wateringly high number of jackpots in 2017.

In total, there were 321 jackpot prizes paid out by NetEnt in 2017. When added together, these jackpots combined to make a staggering overall total of €78.3 million. With nearly one jackpot winner for every day of the year – on NetEnt games alone – you can see that there were a lot of very happy new millionaires created in the past year. Remember that next time you are thinking that nobody ever wins on these games!

NetEnt is the creator of some of the most popular and iconic online slot games in the world. Their games feature on the world’s largest online casinos and are played by millions of slot gaming fans. If you have played any online slots, then certainly you’ve played some of their classic titles like Starburst, Jack Hammer and Bloodsuckers. Among the most popular NetEnt games are their famous progressive jackpots. Mega Fortune Dreams was the most popular NetEnt slot in 2017, and that is hardly a surprise when you consider that this game alone accounted for jackpot pay-outs of more than €30 million over the course of the year.

The other big NetEnt progressive jackpot games are Hall of the Gods, Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights, with each of this attracting large numbers of players thanks to the big jackpot prizes on offer. From all of the NetEnt jackpot payouts of 2017, it was Hall of the Gods which paid out the biggest single prize. That jackpot was for €7.5 million back in June, and in fact was the fourth largest pay-out ever by a NetEnt title.

As you can see from the information above, online slot games are changing peoples’ lives just about every day of the year. When you consider that game providers like Playtech and Microgaming – not to mention a host of smaller operators – are all creating high-paying progressive jackpot slots as well, there is a whole lot of money being paid out. The beauty of progressive jackpot games is that you could be enduring a run of tedious losses when it seems nothing is going your way, only for your fortunes to change on one spin of the reels. You just never can tell when the symbols are going to fall in your favour, and perhaps you could add to the winners’ total jackpot payouts for 2018.