Play Safe

Online casino gaming is all about having fun and adding a little bit of entertainment and excitement to spice up those quiet times. However, it is an unfortunate fact that for some people the fun of real money gaming can turn into something a whole lot less enjoyable, so as supporters of responsible gambling we are keen to ensure that online gaming remains an entertaining and diverting past-time for all of our readers.

Online gambling should never leave you feeling depressed or stressed, and if you find yourself in that situation then it is important to reconsider whether online gaming is for you. Look out for some of the following indicators that gambling may have become a problem for you:

  1. Spending money you cannot afford on online gaming
  2. Lying to friends and family about your gambling
  3. Losing sleep or becoming stressed due to your gambling
  4. Using gambling as an escape from emotional or physical distress
  5. Fighting with a loved one because of gambling
  6. Losing a job due to your gambling

If some or any of the above apply to you or someone you know, then you may want to get in touch with one of the organizations listed below, where you can discuss any issues you may be having in complete confidentiality.

  1. Gamcare (UK)
  2. Gambler’s Help (Australia)
  3. Gamble Aware (Ireland)
  4. Anonymen Spieler (Germany)
  5. Spelberoendes riksförbund (Sweden)

Make sure that online gambling remains a fun activity that doesn’t add stress and problems to your life, and continue to enjoy playing online responsibly.